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Fashion Director



Design and manage the image of a fashion magazine or store.

What does a Fashion Director do?

If it were hanging on a rack at your favorite department store, the job “Fashion Director” wouldn’t be a single item of clothing, like a blouse or a belt. It would be an entire outfit, complete with hat, jewelry, movie-star sunglasses and skivvies.

That’s because as a Fashion Director, or Fashion Coordinator, you don’t design clothing. You design concepts. That is, you define an overarching fashion vision, typically for a department store or fashion magazine, which hires you to translate its business objectives — its target customers, marketing plan and messaging — into a cohesive fashion motif. Like Barbara Walters interviewing one of her “10 Most Fascinating People,” it’s the job of the Fashion Director to ask the question: If my business were a woman, what would she wear?

To find the answer, you’ll spend your days reading fashion magazines, attending fashion shows and meeting Fashion Designers, all in pursuit of the latest trends. You’ll look at the past and think about the future, then develop a vision for your store’s merchandise or your publication’s editorial. Finally, you’ll work with Fashion Buyers, Fashion Photographers and Fashion Stylists to make sure everything from your inventory to your models and mannequins has the right look and feel.

In addition to a high fashion IQ — an understanding of fabrics, styles, colors and cuts — you’ll need frequent flier miles and a Masseuse to accommodate this job’s constant travel, tight deadlines and high stress. You’ll also need a big closet, because the best part about this job is its perks, including free clothes!

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