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Fashion Designer



Set trends with your beautiful clothing designs.

Salary Range

$46,650 - $97,290

What does a Fashion Designer do?

Fashion designers create clothing, accessories, and shoes. In fact, a fashion designer position goes far beyond the question of what looks good; clothing, for good or bad, is a huge social definer. It helps visually categorize expressions like identity, love, and class, so as the primary setter of fashion trends, the fashion designer writes the rules which define social expectations. Which is why so many considerations, from shape and color to historical relevance, factor into the construction of a shoe.

If this sounds far-fetched, look at historical trends. When the recession hit in 2008, for example, fashion trends turned from floaty, flowery dresses to slim-fitting outfits pierced by metal studs and leather patches. It was no coincidence that these new designs embodied the themes of toughness and strength being called forth by economic desperation.

Of course, you could attribute this on a business level to the fact that you make clothing to sell. And if you want people to buy it, then it should be different from what they own.

But whether you wax philosophical or commercial, your job as a fashion designer is to conceptualize designs based on feelings of fashion history and trends; then sketch them out and create your products. Your specific tasks include choosing fabrics, developing patterns, overseeing production (many times stitching up prototypes on your own), and putting on shows to exhibit your designs.

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