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Fashion Design Assistant

Do hands-on work to turn the ideas of Fashion Designers into reality.

What does a Fashion Design Assistant do?

A Fashion Design Assistant aids a lead Fashion Designer in the creation of a vision. Mostly, the Fashion Design Assistant helps with the physical creation-cutting, stitching, and pattern tracing-and leaves the creative design to their boss. While this might not be what you idealized while in fashion school, its a good way to get experience that will help you move into a Fashion Designer position.

Don’t think of this as drudge work-being a Fashion Design Assistant is a pretty interesting position in and of itself. You get a front seat view of someone’s creative process, and then get the hands-on experience of translating a vision into physical form. Your duties will include cutting and pinning patterns, and arranging them with all necessary accoutrements (e.g., stripes, sequins, etc.) for the designer to review. You then oversee any Production Workers, and help the Designer keep track of the production schedule.

On the whole your job is to bring the Designer’s vision to life. This is a great opportunity to get to know the industry, and understand the challenges that your own designs will face.