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Fashion Coordinator



Use your knowledge of fashion trends to drive sales.

What does a Fashion Coordinator do?

From the runways to high-class design firms, the fashion business punches the clock in time to the Fashion Coordinator’s instructions. In the take-charge role of a Fashion Coordinator, you serve as Manager, Designer, Planner, and fashion expert all in one. In short, you’re the pulse of the fashion industry.

What’s an average day like?

As a Fashion Coordinator, you live and breathe the latest fashion trends. Most Fashion Coordinators prepare a specific set of clothing for fashion events like photo shoots, TV shows, runway shows, and other fashion-related promotional events.

Whatever project you’re working on, you’ve got to be very aware of your target market. Is this magazine advertisement designed to attract 13-year-olds or 30-year olds? Women or men? Once you know your audience, you ensure that you communicate a consistent style throughout the entire project.

Many people need your expertise, so you can use your talents in many situations. Textile Designer need your insider fashion advice to choose patterns and colors for next season’s fabrics, retail stores plan displays around your chosen fashion theme, and manufacturing companies coordinate their clothing lines not only with the current fashion trends but also with the lines in the rest of their stores. No matter where you turn, everyone wants in on the latest trends.

The key to pulling off a successful fashion campaign is unity. Your trips to the runways of New York tell you that blues are in and feathers are making their comeback. Jot that down in your notebook and start blending these popular themes into your work, whether it’s a clothing line or a magazine ad.

Why does this job matter?

Your sense of style is the cohesion that keeps a company’s fashion department working together, and the profits rolling in.

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