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Farrowing Manager

Train farmhands and farmers how to breed and raise healthy pigs.

What does a Farrowing Manager do?

No longer a small mom-and-pop job, the farming business has exploded into giant, sprawling farmlands raising thousands of pigs every year. These moneymaking ventures need Farrowing Managers to train, instruct, and oversee all the helping hands required for breeding pigs and raising healthy piglets.

Breeding and raising pigs are round-the-clock responsibilities. Though as a Farrowing Manager, you don’t stay on the farm 24/7, you do instruct other workers on tasks they’ll need to cover during their shifts. A Farrowing Manager may also assign a few extra helping hands to stay later when a new litter of piglets is born, or when an injured pig needs special care and attention.

During the day, you monitor the condition of the pigs on the farm and give instructions to your team. Feeding and bathing the pigs and cleaning out their pigpens must be done on a daily basis to keep them healthy.

Outside these daily maintenance tasks, you’re in charge of recordkeeping and breeding activities. You determine which pigs are in the best condition for breeding, and decide when to breed. Safety regulations are your responsibility, as is planning out the pigs’ strict nutritious diet.

Your workers report problems to you, and follow your orders to keep the farm running smoothly. When it comes to pigs, you know all there is to know, and you use that knowledge to ensure that the farm produces large, thriving litters.