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Fit horses with shoes to help them walk on hard surfaces.

What does a Farrier do?

If you love being around horses, you might enjoy working as a Farrier. As a Farrier, you load up your tools; drive to the ranch, farm, or other location; and put shoes on horses’ feet. Well, that’s oversimplifying a bit. It’s not quite as easy as slipping shoes on your feet.

Your first task as a Farrier is to build a client base. After all, you can’t run a business without customers. If you do your job well, you’ll soon have repeat customers to fill your calendar with appointments. Before heading out to the jobsite, you call to confirm your visit so the horse owner will be available to assist you.

Once you arrive, you unload your tools and start working. The owner generally restrains the horse so you can do your work. You start by inspecting the way the horse stands. Just as people put inserts in their shoes to compensate for foot shape or to improve the way they stand, you can adjust the shape of the hoof with the same effect.

Next, you use specialized tools to clean, file, and trim each hoof. If the horse wears horseshoes, you fit them and attach them with nails.

Organization is a key requirement in this position. You need to make sure you always have the right supplies, and that they are organized so you can, for example, find the right size nail on a moment’s notice. In addition, you need to be comfortable bending, getting dirty, and roughing up your hands.

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