Raise animals or crops for profit.

What does a Farmer do?

A Farmer is someone who’s continuing a long tradition of working the land. After all, farming was one of the first careers mankind learned about, since the invention of agriculture is considered by many to be the dawn of modern civilization.

When you’re a Farmer, you make your living by growing crops and raising livestock as an employee of a corporate or family-owned farm, or even the owner of one. On a typical day, you might prepare and till soil, hire and supervise workers, or plant seeds. You might feed, milk, breed, and care for animals. Or, you might maintain machines and equipment.

You might also water, weed, and fertilize fields, or manage pest problems. Ultimately, you harvest and sell crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains. That’s the physical component of the job, and although it’s the hardest on your body, it’s usually the easy part.

The most difficult part of being a Farmer is the intellectual part: As a businessperson, you need to maximize crop yield and profits, which means deciding what to plant and how much, as well as when to fertilize, harvest, and sell. Since timing is everything, that’s easier said than done. It all depends on factors like weather and water levels, which requires you to be a part-time Scientist so you can anticipate and respond to different agricultural scenarios.

At once a Manager, Veterinarian, Carpenter, Mechanic, and Salesperson, you feed America with your blood, sweat, and tears. Although your job’s hard work, therefore, it’s also rewarding.