Fancy Wire Drawer

Draw, shape, and engrave or emboss precious or base metal wires.

What does a Fancy Wire Drawer do?

Draws, shapes, and engraves or embosses precious or base metal wire for use in fabricating precious or costume jewelry, such as chains, box links, and bracelets: Inserts tapered end of metal wire, such as gold, platinum, and silver, through die hole, pulling wire through dies of wire-drawing machine manually to form round, half-round, square, or rectangular jewelry wire. Engraves ornamental designs on surface of wire, using triangular and square-pointed tools, such as gravers and carvers, or embosses wire with decorative patterns, using wire-drawing machine equipped with embossing rollers. Draws, shapes, and embosses ribbon-wire, using rolling mill. Examines dimensions of rolled or drawn wire, using micrometers.