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Family Practitioner



Take care of patients throughout their lives.

What does a Family Practitioner do?

Some Doctor focus on just one body part. They may know everything about that part, but the rest of the body isn’t considered their responsibility. Other Doctors choose only one age group. They may specialize in babies, for example, which means they may not know much about older patients.

If you’re a Family Practitioner, however, you’re able to treat patients of all ages and tackle a wide array of medical problems.

Patients often visit Family Practitioners for yearly examinations. During these visits, you assess their overall health, perform vaccinations, answer questions, and provide advice to help the patients stay well. Some patients have been coming for these visits for decades, so the Family Practitioner has intimate knowledge of their health and even the medical conditions they could face in the future.

When a patient is ill, you conduct additional examinations. If you feel that you can correct the problem, you administer medications or other treatments. But if the problem is advanced and a specialist must step in, you schedule an appointment for your patient to see the specialist.

Some of your patients may be pregnant, and you provide care during the pregnancy. You may see these patients multiple times during the pregnancy, and you perform tests to make sure the baby is developing normally. At the end of the pregnancy, you deliver the baby, and care for both mother and baby after the birth.

Keeping accurate records of each visit, including what you discussed and what you did, can save you from expensive lawsuits. While you’d rather be helping patients instead of writing at the computer, you always complete your chart notes on time so your Office Manager doesn’t get upset.

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