Family Nurse Practitioner

Prescribe medications and care for whole families.

What does a Family Nurse Practitioner do?

Family practice is a field of medicine that allows Physicians and other professionals to provide a variety of care to patients of all ages. From pediatric care to end-of-life care, Family Nurse Practitioners are well-trained Nurses who provide a level of care equivalent to that provided by the Family Care Physician.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, you might argue that you’re somewhat more patient-focused, while the Physician is more science-focused. Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, your day-to-day duties as a Family Nurse Practitioner are nearly identical to those of the other Doctors in your office.

So, what does a Family Nurse Practitioner’s typical day look like? Well, it looks like the faces the patients who come into your waiting room-and each one is very different. Part of your job is to practice preventative medicine. That means you educate the patient about unhealthy behaviors, provide physicals, and give immunizations.

The other main aspect of your job is responding to medical conditions. That might include anything from a chest cold to labor. It’s a role that keeps you on your toes as you evaluate the patient’s symptoms, ask questions, listen, and keep careful records. Once you’ve gathered information, you decide if the patient needs additional tests or a higher level of care (such as being admitted to the hospital).

Throughout the process, you keep the patient and his family informed about what to expect, offer your nurturing compassion, and connect the patient with available resources.