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Family Lawyer



Provide legal advice on family issues, like adoption and domestic violence.

What does a Family Lawyer do?

A Family Lawyer has a law degree and specializes in cases involving members of the same family. This might be siblings, spouses, or more distant relatives. As a Family Lawyer, you evaluate the facts, complete legal paperwork, and present the case in court.

When two (or more) people find themselves unable to resolve differences, it can ruffle a few feathers; when the people involved share the same family, it can get downright messy. Your job as a Family Lawyer is to represent one side of the family in a way that follows the letter of the law, while providing the best outcome for your client.

Examples of family law cases include adoption, child custody, and domestic violence. Divorce cases also fall under family law, as do the corresponding matters of alimony and child support. In some cases, you might also represent the child-such as when the child wishes to claim independence from the parents.

Regardless of the nature of the case, you gather the necessary information and interview relevant parties. Then you review any pertinent laws while advising your client on the best course of action. There is a ton of paperwork in any legal case, so you spend a lot of time completing briefs, petitions and other paperwork. With a lot of correspondence between Lawyers, sometimes the issue can be resolved. If the two sides can’t reach a consensus outside of court, you represent your client in front of the Judge.

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