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Family Court Judge

Make rulings on cases involving the family.

What does a Family Court Judge do?

Every family has struggles. From managing the budget to disciplining children, being married and raising kids is a lesson in patience, compromise, and communication. But when those skills aren’t enough to sort it all out, the Family Court Judge steps in, making decisions on behalf of all involved. She listens to all sides of the story and relies on the letter of the law to make a judgment for each case.

When you’re a Family Court Judge, the cases in your courtroom involve family issues such as divorce, abuse, and adoption. Your days are filled with parents, spouses, and siblings vying to be understood. Behind their emotion are fear, sadness, and anxiety.

From your seat as Family Court Judge, you take it all in and sort the facts from the fluff. That’s not easy sometimes, but you have the law to guide you.

Like other Judges, you interview witnesses, approve subpoenas, evaluate documents, and ask questions. Then you consider all the facts and announce your verdict. You’re also in charge of supervising the Bailiff, Court Reporter, and other staff.

Your typical day exposes you to disturbing reports of child abuse, conflicting stories about affairs, and pleas for child custody. Watching families dissolve and children suffer can be emotionally draining, but on the upside, your work keeps children safe. You also help family members move past betrayal and settle arguments over money or possessions, among other disputes.