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Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

Teach life skills to students.

What does a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher do?

As children, we watched our parents perform daily tasks, and never wondered how they learned to do those things. But as we advanced through school, we were introduced to life skills in the classroom. With a little luck and a few good Teachers, we eventually picked up the skills we needed to pay our bills, buy the necessities, and find a Mechanic when our car broke down.

As a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher, you’re one of those Teachers who infuse basic homemaking, financial, and health skills into your students. Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers might specialize in one area, such as baking or managing finances, or cover a variety of subjects. Either way, the goal of a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher is to equip students with the skills they’ll need when they venture out from beneath mom and dad’s roof and into the big world.

Your days consist of creating lesson plans that effectively relay information to your students. That might mean field trips to a bank, homework relating to balancing a checkbook, or an oral report on how to bake a pie. You also give and grade tests, assign research papers and homework, and encourage class participation.

This is a rewarding position with tangible results. Whether you teach elementary, middle grade, high school, or college students, they learn something from you that they didn’t know before. When they leave your classroom, they’re able to apply those lessons to do their laundry, cook their meals, pay their bills, or change their own oil.