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Fabric Buyer

Purchase fabrics for use in products like clothes, upholstery, and more.

What does a Fabric Buyer do?

Skirts made of grass and shirts made of coconut shells may be fine for Actresses in a film set in Hawaii, but the average consumer likely prefers fabric clothing. This preference extends past clothing to suitcases, towels, furniture, and automobile upholstery. Consumers simply like products made of cloth, and a Fabric Buyer makes those products possible. As a Fabric Buyer, you purchase the raw materials that are transformed into items people want to buy.

Designers develop the products, and they often provide you with notes detailing the fabric type, color, and nap of the items you need to get as a Fabric Buyer. Then, you begin the bargain hunt. You contact your suppliers, looking for raw materials that will fit the bill. If you can’t find anything that’s suitable, you may look for new companies to partner with.

Popular products may be made over and over again using the same cloth in the same pattern. In order to meet this demand, you work with Production Managers and Warehouse Supervisors, keeping the stock of fabric at an ideal level.

The company may keep a database of the fabric choices it provides, and each time you make a purchase, you update that computer system. If you can no longer find a specific fabric, you may remove it altogether.

Some companies allow you to attend design shows, where you learn about the newest colors and designs available in the fabric market. When you come back to the office, you share your finds with the Designers, hoping to inspire them to make new products.