Extrusion Utility Worker

Perform the tasks to insulate electric cables.

What does an Extrusion Utility Worker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to insulate electric cable: Moves rubber strips from rubber mill to extruder machine, using handtruck. Feeds rubber strips into extruder machine that sheathes cable with rubber insulation. Winds adhesive tape around cable ends to waterproof cable during insulation. Guides sheathed cable onto takeoff reel as cable emerges from extruder. Clamps fittings onto cable ends and lowers reel into autoclave, using hoist. Connects air-pressure hoses and clamps autoclave cover in place. Turns valves to equalize autoclave pressure to prevent distortion of rubber sheath during curing period. Removes reel from autoclave onto payoff spindle of stripping machine. Adjusts slitting knife of stripping machine according to thickness of lead sheathed cable and threads cable beneath knife and spreader attachment. Feels stripped cable for lumps as cable emerges from stripping machine and removes lumps with sandpaper. Keeps log of cable stripped. May be known according to task performed as Reel Tender; Spooler And Coiler; Tuber Feeder.