Extrusion-Press Operator II

Tend machines that coat wires with flux and mark and cut wires.

What does an Extrusion-Press Operator II do?

Tends machine that coats wire with flux and marks and cuts wire into specified lengths to produce welding electrodes: Starts machine and observes as cores are automatically conveyed through wire feeder, coating nozzle in extrusion head, and past abrasive brushes, cutters, and marking wheels. Examines welding rods for cracks, voids, scores, or scuffs. Presses buttons to alter pressure of ram in feeding cylinder or speed of wire feeder to correct defects in formation of rods. May measure welding rods with fixed gauge and turn screws to adjust coating nozzle to obtain specified diameter and concentricity of rod. May adjust abrasive brushes that remove flux from ends and center of coated rod at cutting point. May adjust controls to maintain specified temperature when extruding carbon rods.