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Extrusion Press Adjuster

Set up extrusion presses to extrude carbon rods or welding rods.

What does an Extrusion Press Adjuster do?

Sets up extrusion press to extrude carbon rods or welding rods and coat core with metallic paste: Selects coating nozzles, spacers, and wire guides, according to diameter and length of rod. Positions, aligns, and bolts abrasive brush, coating nozzles, spacers, marking wheels, and wire guides to machine, using handtools to set up machine to form rods of specified size and length. Pulls lever or presses button to set conveyor speed and extruding pressure. Starts machine that automatically coats wire to form rod of specified diameter and cuts it to specified length. Examines sample piece for splits in coating or burrs on cut ends. Measures diameter of rod and concentricity of coating with fixed gauges. Turns screws to adjust wire guides, spacers, and brushes to eliminate splits and burrs. Varies extrusion pressure or speed of conveyor, or repositions coating nozzle to vary diameter of rod and maintain concentricity of coating around wire.