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Extrusion Line Technician

Expertly repair massive industrial machines.

What does an Extrusion Line Technician do?

As an Extrusion Line Technician, you work in a manufacturing plant or factory. The extrusion line, which is a group of machines that shape products, is your domain. These machines are used to make things with a hollow center, including pipes, cables, and even macaroni noodles.

Extrusion Line Technicians work closely with Extrusion Line Operators. When something breaks and the Operators can’t figure out how to fix it, you’re the one they call. As an Extrusion Line Technician, you need to be an expert in these machines, able to troubleshoot a problem just by looking things over. When the problem is really bad, you need to know how to stop the line and properly shut down equipment so it can then be fixed.

Although you handle the major problems, being a Technician means you also handle the basic. You fix or repair worn and broken parts, repair screens and filters, and through it all, keep detailed maintenance logs. You also install new machines, run tests to ensure they’re working correctly, and train Operators on new types of extruders. It’s your job to contact vendors about ordering new parts, and you always want to make sure you have enough parts on hand so you can fix problems quickly.