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Extrusion Line Operator



Set up and maintain machinery that creates seamless products like pipes.

What does an Extrusion Line Operator do?

Extrusion is a manufacturing process. Through this technique, things like plastic pipes, metal cutouts, film rolls, and even food products such as macaroni noodles are created.

The process starts when various materials are liquefied and then poured in one continuous stream into different dies and molds. The purpose for this type of process is to produce things with cutouts in them in one solid piece. For example, instead of forming two halves of a piece of pipe and then soldering them together, extrusion lets you make one solid piece in fewer steps. Also, without the seam that connects the two halves, the pipe is actually stronger.

As an Extrusion Line Operator, you work in a manufacturing plant that uses this process. You set up machines, ensure that they work correctly, and perform any basic maintenance they might need as time goes on.

The Extrusion Line Operator oversees the machines as they work, making sure the product that comes out is of excellent quality. You also check for inefficiency, glitches, or other signs that the machine’s parts are getting worn down. When you perform repairs, you keep detailed records so that the machine’s repair schedule stays on track.

In an Extrusion Line Operator job, you need the ability to work well with others, as most of your tasks are given to you by a Manager or Supervisor.

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