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Extrusion Die Repairer

Repair aluminum extrusion dies.

What does an Extrusion Die Repairer do?

Repairs aluminum extrusion dies, according to specifications, using powered handtools: Examines exterior of dies for defects, such as cracks or excessive wear, and observes exterior surface of extrusion samples to determine whether inside of dies need resurfacing or polishing. Secures dies in vise, and determines amount of metal to remove from die opening to restore die to specifications, using diagram and gauges. Selects abrasive bit and secures it in electric tool, and moves tool over die opening surface to remove, polish, or angle surface to specifications, utilizing experience and knowledge of dies. Heats dies with stress cracks in oven to soften metal and taps sides of dies to close cracks, using hammer and bit. Removes rough spots from exterior of repaired dies, using electric deburring tool. Verifies openings of new dies, using calipers and gauges, and monitors sample extrusions to determine whether press dies need repair.