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Extrusion Bender

Cut and bend aluminum extrusions.

What does an Extrusion Bender do?

Cuts and bends aluminum extrusions into specified shapes for use as trim, fasteners, and bumper guards on fiberglass boats, using handtools and portable power tools: Obtains precut extrusions from stock, or cuts extrusions to specified length, using hacksaw. Places blocks in jig and bends extrusions to shape around blocks. Clamps extrusions in position in jig and drills holes through extrusions, using power drill. Bolts extrusions together, using wrench. Releases clamps and removes extrusions from jigs. Tapes inner surface of extrusions to form watertight seal. Bends aluminum trim in jigs, and attaches trim to exposed edges of parts, such as plastic panels and seats. Forces trim into position, using rubber mallet. Crimps edges of trim to fasten trim in position, using crimping tool.