Extruding-Machine Operator

Operate extrusion presses to encase electric wires in rubber sheaths.

What does an Extruding-Machine Operator do?

Operates extrusion press to encase electric wire and cable in rubber or plastic sheath: Bolts specified dies, guides, and guide holders in extrusion head of press. Clamps roll of rubber strip on spindle of machine and threads strip into hopper-feeder, or fills hopper with plastic chips. Sets temperature control of press according to type of material to be extruded. Loads spool of wire on spindle and threads wire through machine and around takeup reel. Starts machine and adjusts controls to regulate speed of wire travel, pressure of hydraulic ram, and temperature of extrusion die to ensure sheath of uniform thickness. Guides rubber-covered wire through trough of powdered talc or soapstone as it emerges from press to prevent wire from sticking together when spooled. Clamps wire ends in electrodes of electric welder, turns on current, and holds brazing rod against heated wire tips to form continuous wire lengths. May feed wire through pot of molten metal to coat wire with tin prior to sheathing process. May operate machine equipped with wrapping device to wrap tape around wire prior to sheathing. May be designated according to machine operated as Continuous-Vulcanizing-Machine Operator; or according to material extruded as Plastic-Extruding-Machine Operator.