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Extras Coordinator

Manage crowds of background performers on TV shows and in movies.

What does an Extras Coordinator do?

Movies, television shows, and commercials often ask Extras to mill about in the background of the action to make the scene seem realistic. If a shot requires many, many Extras, an Extras Coordinator is hired to perform crowd control and ensure that the Extras are doing their jobs without disrupting the Actors.

The Assistant Director hires the Extras in most cases. So if you’re an Extras Coordinator, you arrive on the job with a team already picked out. Often, the Extras Coordinator is the first person to show up at the studio on the day of the shoot. That way, you can help any overeager Extras who also show up early.

Each Extra must fill out paperwork so they can be paid and/or credited for their work. You hand out the paperwork, and make sure the Extras fill it out properly and give it back to you. Paperwork isn’t exciting but it’s necessary, and you make sure it’s done right.

Extras must also wear the proper clothes and carry the right props so they will fit into the scene. Sometimes, they wear their own clothes, and you make subtle changes to their clothes to make them blend in. Other times, you hand out costumes to them, and you collect the costumes at the end of the day.

The Director calls the shots during filming, but you stay on the set in case one of your charges has a problem or causes a problem. Star-struck Extras are common, and you know just how to snap them out of their reverie before they ruin a day of shooting. A bolt of coffee often does the trick.