Extractor Plant Operator

Tend extractor tanks and distilling and condensing units.

What does an Extractor Plant Operator do?

Tends extractor tanks, distilling and condensing units, and auxiliary equipment that removes grease from bones for further processing: Loads bones into extractor tanks and bolts tank door, using wrench. Turns valves to circulate naphtha and live steam through extractor tanks to dissolve and remove grease from bones. Observes tank thermometer and color of vapor through viewing glass to determine when all grease has been removed. Turns valves to circulate spent naphtha through distilling and condensing units. Starts steam pump to force grease into treating tank. Notifies other workers to start and stop screw conveyor that removes degreased bones from extractor. Closes top valves and opens bottom valves on extractor tanks to flush naphtha from tank for processing subsequent batches of bones.