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Extractor and Wringer Operator

Tend equipment that extract salicylic acids.

What does an Extractor and Wringer Operator do?

Tends equipment that extracts salicylic acid from sodium salicylate solution by precipitation and dries salicylic acid by centrifugal force: Opens valves to pump sodium salicylate solution and required amount of sulfuric acid into extractor columns that absorb phenol from solution and cause precipitation of salicylic acid crystals. Opens steam valves to heat extractors to specified temperature to increase rate of precipitation of salicylic acid. Pumps off solution of sulfuric acid and phenol, and pumps slurry of salicylic acid through cooler to centrifugal drier. Tends centrifugal drier that forces out water to dry salicylic acid. Removes salicylic acid from drier and places acid into containers, using scraper and shovel.