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Explosives Engineer

Blast rock to pave the way for construction or mining.

What does an Explosives Engineer do?

By definition, Engineers solve problems. When road construction crews build a path up to the face of a mountain or Miners run into solid earth, they have a problem. That’s when they call in an Explosives Engineer to loosen the entrenched rock so that they can continue their work.

If pyromania is your middle name, then this is the job for you. As an Explosives Engineer, you blow things up. But it requires more than chucking a stick of dynamite into a hillside and waiting for the rocks to fly. In fact, it takes a very scientific evaluation of the site and the desired outcome.

Most times, your duties as an Explosives Engineer are planned well in advance. Other Engineers, Architects, and Project Managers have determined that in order to build the road, building, bridge, or other construction project, they’ll need you on the payroll. And you’re the perfect person for the job, because few people understand explosives as well as you.

You face a plethora of factors on any project. What’s the slope of the hill? What’s the composition of the material you’re blowing up?

With careful consideration for each factor, you design a blast, including the proper spacing, number and depth of holes, and type of explosives. You also consider the weather, costs, and timing. If all that doesn’t keep you busy, tracking the process and expenses for the record books will.