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Explosion Welder

Create controlled explosions within a specialized machine to fuse metal.

What does an Explosion Welder do?

Some metals conduct heat incredibly quickly. Others are very strong. Still others are shiny and pretty to look at.

Often, metals with different attributes treat one another like warring gangs, and they don’t like to merge. As an Explosion Welder, you force these opposing metals together using a special machine.

When you’re an Explosion Welder, the machine you use is your best friend, and you treat it with loving care. At least once per shift, you check it carefully to make sure all parts are functioning properly. If the machine has a minor mechanical problem, you fix it quickly. If the problem is large, you call the manufacturer and schedule a repair.

Different metals have different requirements, but as an Explosion Welder, you’re not intimidated. After all, you know just how to merge different metals using your spiffy machine. However, you’re allowed to do quick research on how to program your machine.

The base metal is loaded first, and then you spread a chemical on that base metal and place the second metal on top. After you lock these items in place, you close the door to the machine. A push of a button sets off the explosion, and then you unlock the door and take out the completed product.

After each run, you perform a series of checks to make sure the items are securely bonded and destined to stay together. If you spot defects, you scrap that piece and start again with new metals.