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Expeller Operator

Tend machines that flatten and dry oilseeds.

What does an Expeller Operator do?

Tends machine that flattens and dries oilseed, such as soybean, cottonseed, and corn, and presses it to extract oil: Turns handwheels to adjust distance between rollers that flatten oilseed. Starts rollers and turns gate valve to admit oilseed. Observes rolling process to ensure that pressure of rollers on oilseed is not sufficient to extract oil. Turns control of heat drier to specified temperature, and opens chute to admit flattened oilseed to drier. Turns steam valves of heat cooker to cook dried oilseed. Turns handwheels to adjust roller pressure of oil expeller. Feels samples of expelled oilseed to determine that sufficient quantity of oil has been removed. May tend attrition mill that breaks up dehydrated oilseed [MILL OPERATOR]. May tend filter press to filter oil [PRESS TENDER, HEAD, FEED HOUSE]. May be designated according to process phase as Crusher Tender; Drier Tender II; Oil-Expeller.