Expansion Joint Builder

Fabricate expansion joints for ends of rubber hoses.

What does an Expansion Joint Builder do?

Fabricates expansion joints for ends of rubber hose to permit coupling of hose to pipes or ducts according to blueprints and customer specifications: Examines blueprints and work ticket to determine dimensions and type of joint to be fabricated. Applies solution of soapstone and water to end of hose and builds up specified number of layers of rubber and fabric around end of hose or on mandrel to form expansion joint. Wraps joint with tape and steel curing plates preparatory to vulcanizing, using rule and calipers to ensure conformance to specifications. Removes tape and curing plates or rubber reinforcing material after vulcanizing and trims or grinds joint to specified diameter and contour, using knife and portable grinder. Applies precured rubber patches to cover defects, such as low spots or surface cracks. Marks and punches bolt holes in joint, using templates, scriber, and hand punch. Paints joint, using brush, and hangs completed joint to dry.