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Exhibit Designer



Plan and put up exhibits for museums, galleries, and the like.

What does an Exhibit Designer do?

An exhibit designer builds exhibits for museums, fashion shows, galleries or trade shows. While many jobs are found in galleries or museums, exhibit designers can find themselves working for pretty much any industry that uses a booth or exhibit to show off their new product.

When you’re an exhibit designer, you start by visualizing and drawing up a floor plan. You base this plan on the space you are working in and the goals of the company you are working for. When working in a gallery or museum you also need to consider elements such as lighting and temperature to best care for what can be sensitive artifacts.

After you’ve created a rough sketch of the exhibit plan, you work with your client to ensure your vision matches theirs. Even though you’re the expert, you must make compromises that make both of you happy, meaning you can’t forget about important things like budget restrictions, construction timelines, and displaying enough information.

The actual building of the exhibit happens next. At this point it becomes your job to oversee the workers. You ensure that the correct fabrics are used, that pieces being displayed are treated well, and that the exhibit is being built to your drawn plans. After the construction is finished, you do a final quality check and then help with the placement of the different pieces being put on display.

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