Executive Pastry Chef

Oversee the creation and preparation of desserts.

What does an Executive Pastry Chef do?

The dessert course is the last opportunity a restaurant has to wow the diners and ensure that they’ll come back for more. A dessert must be tasty, of course, but it must also look delicious, so even the most calorie-conscious client simply must have a bite. As an Executive Pastry Chef, you develop dessert recipes, order supplies, supervise dessert preparation, and make sure clients love the desserts they’re served.

You may work as an Executive Pastry Chef for a small cafe, or you may supervise the dessert courses for a chain of restaurants. If you work for a small facility, you do much of the food preparation yourself. If, on the other hand, you’re the Executive Pastry Chef for a large outfit, you spend most of your time supervising other people.

You use your skills and creativity to come up with new dessert treats. If you hit on a winner, you write the recipe for your Chefs to memorize. You order supplies so that dessert can be made over and over, and then watch over your Chefs as they work, making sure the dessert they produce looks just like the prototype you made.

You may taste many, many desserts each day. You may even spit out creamy bites so you can fit into your car at the end of your shift.

When you’re not in the kitchen, you walk around the restaurant, making sure guests are enjoying your desserts. You watch over the dessert plates when they return to the kitchen for cleaning. If those plates hold untouched desserts, you head back to the drawing board and come up with something else to serve the following night.