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Executive Housekeeper

Direct institutional housekeeping programs.

What does an Executive Housekeeper do?

Directs institutional housekeeping program to ensure clean, orderly, and attractive conditions of establishment: Establishes standards and procedures for work of housekeeping staff, and plans work schedules to ensure adequate service. Inspects and evaluates physical condition of establishment, and submits to management recommendations for painting, repairs, furnishings, relocation of equipment, and reallocation of space. Periodically inventories supplies and equipment. Reads trade journals to keep informed of new and improved cleaning methods, products, supplies, and equipment. Organizes and directs departmental training programs, resolves personnel problems, hires new employees, and evaluates employees performance and working relationship. Maintains records and prepares periodic activity and personnel reports for review by management. Coordinates activities with those of other departments. May select and purchase new furnishings. May evaluate records to forecast department personnel requirements, and to prepare budget. May perform cleaning duties in cases of emergency or staff shortage.