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Executive Consultant



Improve companies by training their top-level executives.

What does an Executive Consultant do?

The title “Executive Consultant” describes myriad people with multiple responsibilities. Generally speaking, however, an Executive Consultant is a type of Organizational Development Consultant who’s paid to help companies improve their sales and enhance their services by way of training and developing their executive leadership, including their CEO, COO, CFO, and other senior staff.

When you’re an Executive Consultant, the type of training you provide — and the type of company you provide it for — depends on your individual area of expertise. One Executive Consultant, for instance, might specialize in consulting for corporations, another in consulting for schools, another in consulting for governments, and still another in consulting for nonprofits.

Similarly, you might specialize in leadership, teambuilding, customer service, emotional intelligence, communications, or change management. You might even specialize in working with a single type of executive, such as a finance, human resources, or information technology executive.

Almost always, however, you’re paid to help companies set business-improvement goals, and then reach them by observing — and, ultimately, changing — the way their executives do their jobs. Whether you work for a consulting firm or are self-employed, that makes you the C-level equivalent of a Tutor: You help C-suite students cram for a big exam, an “A” on which could produce big returns for their company in the form of increased innovation, efficiency, and revenue.

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