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Executive Assistant



Tend to all the business and travel needs of a corporate executive.

What does an Executive Assistant do?

An executive assistant (EA) serves as the go-to and often the go-thru person for corporate executives and some upper level managers. You handle your executive’s daily work life: meetings and call scheduling, correspondence, preparing reports, travel arrangements, and even deciding who gets to see “the boss” and when.

In other words, as an executive assistant, you are a highly skilled administrator who knows their way around a corporate environment. You know everything, and if you don’t, you find out! This includes things from preparing reports to random but helpful duties like showing your boss how to use his or her new iPhone.

This job goes far beyond administrative duties—you are the right-hand man to your boss. As such you need to be on the ball at all times. You should possess a high degree of common sense, be a strategist, a good decision maker, and incredibly organized. Having great communication skills is also important, as you will represent your boss to clients.

Because of your competence, your boss will entrust you with a wide range of tasks. These might include composing correspondence, creating spreadsheets, preparing PowerPoint presentations, and perhaps even delivering that presentation when your boss gets stuck in Albuquerque in a snowstorm.

In other words, you are the mini-me to your executive boss. That means having the ability to confidently fill his shoes in a pinch, and then some. If you’ve ever seen the movie , your job would parallel that of Anne Hathaway’s, less the personal errands, fabulous free wardrobe, or romance, although the business trip to Paris may be possible.

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