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Executive Assistant Career Information

What skills do executive assistant jobs require?

Executive assistants typically possess skills in marketing, management, and Microsoft office. In addition to that, having social media and research skills may set you apart from your competitors during the job application process.

There are multiple undergraduate majors that produce thriving executive assistants. Psychology and business administration degrees are only slightly more popular degrees for executive assistants than communication, political science and government, and English language and literature degrees.

Executive Assistant Companies & Industries

Executive assistants are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. They are more commonly employed in entertainment and higher education industries.

Common places for executive assistant jobs

Another common consideration many graduates face when they start to search for jobs is where they will be working. New York and Los Angeles are cities that are slightly more favorable for executive assistants than Chicago, Illinois, and Boston, Massachusetts.


Tend to all the business and travel needs of a corporate executive.

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