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Exchange Teller

Collect one type of currency and convert it to another.

What does an Exchange Teller do?

The world is full of different cultures. We have different beliefs, religions, and traditions. And we also have different currencies. That means when a person travels across the border, the money in their pocket may not be able to buy goods on the other side.

That’s where the Exchange Teller comes in. An Exchange Teller collects one type of currency and converts it to an equal value in another type of currency.

As an Exchange Teller, you might also hold the title of Bank Teller. Many banks offer currency exchange services, so converting yen into pounds might be part of your daily duties. Many Exchange Tellers work at street booths or corner currency exchange centers. These convenience booths are commonly located in populated and well-visited touristy areas.

Convenience to the customer comes at a price, and you’re the Mathematician who calculates the appropriate fee to charge the customer. And that’s not the only math you do. Sure you’ve got charts, calculators, and computers to help you out, but you also need common sense and number crunching experience to figure exchange rates and fees.

The currency exchange rate changes every day. Two days ago, you might have given one Canadian dollar in exchange for one United States dollar. But after checking today’s rates (hot off the press each morning), you find that a U.S. dollar nets only .95 Canadian.

In addition to your attention to detail, you also need to provide friendly and informational customer service, be able to multitask, and have an honest and reliable nature.