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Examine and evaluate data to determine eligibility.

What does an Examiner do?

Examines and evaluates data to determine persons’ or organizations’ eligibility for, conformity with, or liability under, government regulated activity or program: Examines data contained in application forms, agency reports, business records, public documents or other records to gather facts, verify correctness, or establish authenticity. Interviews persons, visits establishments, or confers with technical or professional specialists, to obtain information or clarify facts. Analyzes data obtained, utilizing knowledge of administrative policies, regulatory codes, legislative directives, precedent, or other guidelines. Determines eligibility for participation in activity, conformity to program requirements, or liability for damages or financial losses incurred, based on findings. Prepares correspondence to inform concerned parties of decision and rights to appeal. Prepares reports of examinations, evaluations, and decisions. May be classified according to job function, program involved, or agency concerned.

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