Event Security Guard

Patrol and protect crowds at concerts, parties, and special events.

What does an Event Security Guard do?

Preventing thefts, violence, and accidents earn top priority when you’re an Event Security Guard. Unlike a traditional Security Guard in charge of patrolling a store or a building on a daily basis, an Event Security Guard oversees special events that draw large crowds and have a higher potential for accidents or robberies to take place. Though Event Security Guards require less training than Police Officers and typically cannot carry firearms, you still must be in excellent physical health, and be strong enough to detain a criminal or prevent a crowd from entering a certain area.

Your basic duties, regardless of the event, include crowd control and patrolling the area. You might spend a few hours collecting admission tickets and directing traffic to parking spots, and the next couple hours roaming the area to look for unusual activity. Think of yourself as a hawk: silent but always watching.

If a crime does occur, whether it’s a theft or a fight between two people over who gets the better seat in the bleachers, you step in and maintain order. Sometimes, your presence is enough to settle the crowd down. Other times, you need to detain the unruly offenders and send them down to the police station.

So where might an Event Security Guard work? Sporting events, graduation ceremonies, even shopping events like Black Friday draw crowds of people, and where the crowds go, you follow. Seeing you there helps people relax, and the happiness and safety of the crowd is your top priority.