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Event Planner



Handle the nitty-gritty of setting up an event.

What does an Event Planner do?

As an Event Planner you create and coordinate events. You may work alone, report to an Event Manager, or work as a part of a team, pooling time and effort to pull off a truly grand event.

Your tasks as an Event Planner may include some or all of the following: budgeting the event, scheduling transportation, booking the location, acquiring a permit, designing a theme, arranging the entertainment, deciding on décor, organizing event staffing, and supervising cleanup. _Wheh!_You will most likely work as part of a company, but even then you may get the chance to plan an event on your own. This work may become your whole career, or you may be working up to the position of Event Manager. The roles are slightly different, but as an Event Planner, you are the coordinator of the actual event. That means you deal with all the small details. (The Event Manager, on the other hand, is the coordinator of both the event and the people planning the event.)You work can be stressful, difficult, demanding, and hectic, but it’s a lot of fun too. And hey, you often get to attend these awesome events and festivals too. So have fun while you’re creating fun for others, that’s the best way of assuring the eventual success of the event, by loving what you’re doing.

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