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Event Manager



Oversee the staff and logistics needed to organize an event.

What does an Event Manager do?

As an Event Manager you create and develop event projects such as festivals, conferences, and other large-scale gatherings. Event Managers spend hours making sure concepts and details fall in line to create a spectacular event. And when you do this well, your event will resonate beautifully with attendees’ memories (and, in the case of fundraisers, their wallets).

To hit this point of resonance, you to study the brand and the intended audience and overall feel of the event. You then have to create – along with your team – a list of ideas to develop for your client. Once an idea is decided upon you and your team develop the concept, and iron out logistics and day-of coordination needs.

Depending on the type of event management you work in, and how far you go with this kind of business, you could manage everything from an office party to the Olympics. There are so many different venues and needs for this kind of help, and the event industry in general is growing. You should be very organized, and cool under pressure, because things don’t often go off without a hitch. You should be a leader, an idea machine, and both creative and good with numbers.

A business event that requires an Event Manager is most often some kind of marketing tool for a company, or multiple companies. So actually going to these events and networking is a great way to find further work. You can also keep a portfolio of your best work to show to potential clients.

And don’t forget that in most cases you are trying to create something fun and memorable for everyone involved, so be prepared to push your creativity to the extreme and contribute to production, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and, of course, client relations.

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