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Evaporator Operator

Control evaporating equipment to concentrate suspensions and solutions.

What does an Evaporator Operator do?

Controls evaporating equipment to concentrate suspensions and solutions to specified degree in vacuum tanks or pans: Pumps liquid into evaporator tank or vacuum pan. Moves switches to start vacuum pumps and maintain specified pressure. Turns valves to admit steam into evaporator chest, coils, tubes, or jackets and regulate steam input to maintain specified temperature. Tests concentration of evaporated solution, using refractometer and hydrometer, and adjusts feeds, temperatures, and pressure accordingly. Pumps concentrated liquid to storage. May tend auxiliary equipment, such as settling tanks, preheating tanks, condensers, and cooling equipment. May supervise workers weighing and mixing batches to predetermined formulas. May pump batch through sterilizer. May control chiller to reduce temperature of fresh citrus juice. May be designated according to material evaporated as Evaporator Operator, Molasses; Tomato-Paste Maker.