Evaporative Cooler Installer

Repair and install cooling units to draw air over moistened pads.

What does an Evaporative Cooler Installer do?

Repairs and installs cooling units to draw air over moistened pads, using handtools and portable power tools: Disassembles, cleans, and oils parts. Replaces motor bearings, aligns pulleys on motor and blower shafts, and tightens slack in drive belts. Replaces defective wiring. Holds tachometer against revolving centers of blowers and motors to verify specified revolutions per minute. Bolts cooler to window or platform adjacent to window, following layout lines. Cuts and installs plywood or building board to fit vacant window space. Installs electrical outlets and thermostat or humidistat controls. Cuts and connects tubing to cooler and water source. Adjusts rate of water flow. May install cooler on roof and assemble prefabricated sheet metal ducts in attic.