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Estate Planner



Help clients plan how their belongings will be passed down or given away.

What does an Estate Planner do?

As an Estate Planner, you’re a Shepherd of wealth. You work with clients to help them prepare their estates for retirement, and for the time when those estates will be passed on to their families. Doing this job properly requires in-depth knowledge of financial products and planning as well as legal matters surrounding death. You need to be adept at writing, executing, and dealing with wills, trusts, and life insurance.

Being a good Estate Planner takes the right blend of respect, honesty, professionalism, and financial skill. You deal with people at varying stages of their lives, often at critical financial impasses. The financial advice you need to give them will be different from anything they’ll receive at almost any other stage in their lives. If the task of preparing and improving your clients’ financial footing sounds like how you want to use your time and talents, then this could be the career for you.

Forty-hour workweeks in an office setting are the norm for Estate Planners. You could be part of an agency or work alone in your own office. Either way, you need to build a strong network of clients and constantly cultivate relationships in order to grow your business.

For this, you need a little charm and great communications skills, in addition to your knowledge of financial products. You also need a good degree of creativity to figure out how to best arrange the various resources at your disposal to maximize profit and security for your client.

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