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ESL Tutor



Help non-native English speakers practice the language.

What does an ESL Tutor do?

When people are attempting to learn English, they often need a little practice. They may need help with verb conjugation, for example, or they may need to practice speaking English in an informal setting. An ESL Tutor provides additional instruction in English, and creates a supportive atmosphere to help students feel comfortable as they practice.

When you’re an ESL Tutor and a student needs your services, you meet with them to discuss what they need help with. They may want to focus on a specific lesson, or they may need your help as an ESL Tutor to prepare for a larger goal, such as passing a citizenship test.

Before each session, you put together a lesson plan based on the student’s goals. They look up to you as a mentor and Teacher, so you must be prepared. They’ll be disappointed if you spend the entire session just smiling without speaking.

You may encourage the student to speak only in English during your sessions. You correct their pronunciation and diction if needed, and you praise them for speaking correctly. You balance praise and criticism so the student feels respected and challenged.

You may work for a school district, in which case you need to keep strict records of the materials you cover. You aren’t required to give your student a grade, but you have to demonstrate that they’re improving. Alternatively, you may work as a volunteer for a church or community center. In this role, you don’t have any paperwork to fill out, but you must still be committed to your student’s success, and may be required to document the hours you spend with them.

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