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Escrow Officer



Ensure that all parties have fulfilled their responsibilities in a property or other title transfer.

What does an Escrow Officer do?

When someone decides to buy a home, an escrow officer helps to ensure that both the buyer and seller are happy with the transaction. Escrow ensures that all parties are doing what they’re supposed to do. The buyer has to secure the necessary funding. The seller must disclose all outstanding liens or second mortgages on their property. As an escrow officer, you work with both the buyer and the seller, and therefore, you must remain neutral.

If this sounds like an interesting career to you, courses you might choose include real estate, business administration, finance, and statistics. However, there aren’t any specific educational requirements for this position. You should be someone who is good with people as well as numbers since you need to be able to explain the complexities of real estate regulations clearly to laypeople. You may have to hustle to find new clients, so having a strong work ethic is important, too. Of course, you’ve also got to be good at making decisions, since you’re responsible for determining if someone is qualified to get a loan.

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