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Escape Wheel Tooth Cutter

Set up and operate tooth-cutting machines.

What does an Escape Wheel Tooth Cutter do?

Sets up and operates semiautomatic tooth-cutting machine to shape teeth on watch escape wheels: Positions stack of blanks on arbor, inserts and locks arbor in machine spindle, and starts machine which automatically stops at end of cycle. Removes wheel from machine and verifies dimensions of wheel diameters in ring go-not-go gauge. Examines wheel under toolmaker’s microscope and compares its blown-up shadow with scale drawing on projector screen to determine if wheel conforms to specified tolerances. Adjusts machine, using handtools, to correct for size and dimensions until parts are within tolerances, or to accommodate different size wheels. May operate bank of milling machines. May be designated according to type of wheel cut as Tooth Cutter, Contact Wheel.