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ERP Developer



Create information management software for companies.

What does an ERP Developer do?

Enterprise Resource Planning software, abbreviated ERP software, helps a business keep track of the vast amounts of data it deals with from day to day. For the system to work smoothly, it needs an ERP Developer to update guidelines on how to use it and to design the interface for the software. A software’s interface simply refers to what the user sees on the screen when they run a program. As an ERP Developer, you might work for a specific company, making sure that their ERP system is customized for their needs, or you could work for the people who make an ERP system, helping to develop and improve ERP models.

From updating ERP programs to writing new documents detailing how to use the ERP computer software, as an ERP Developer you play the crucial role in getting the system on its feet. But you mainly deal with the preparation side of things; making sure there are no bugs in the system, and everything is working as it should. Once the system itself is smooth, your teammates take over to get it set up and running for your clients.

Each day you’ll be hard at work checking that the newest ERP software does its job the best way it possible can. Written guidelines will constantly need updating to instruct clients on the most effective ways to use their ERP software. You also take care of the maintenance portion of your ERP team-i.e. you work behind the scenes to make the ERP software do its thing.

When a company needs new ERP software, you customize designs and creative ways to use the software so it’s tailored to the client’s needs. Then you instruct your teammates on how to set up the software. And since you are the most tech-savvy of all ERP workers, you are the one people turn to with any problems that crop up during the installation process.

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