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Equipment Cleaner and Tester

Clean and repair aluminum-processing equipment.

What does an Equipment Cleaner and Tester do?

Cleans and repairs aluminum-processing equipment, such as heaters, heat exchangers, evaporators, pipelines, pumps, cooler coils, and filter leaves, using handtools: Removes heads from heaters, evaporators, preheaters, and heat exchangers, using impact wrenches. Mixes acid or caustic with water and inhibiting chemicals to prepare cleaning solutions of specified concentrations. Tests solutions, using acid-testing equipment. Turns valves to circulate cleaning agents through equipment for time indicated by test results. Washes vessels and heaters with water. Removes scale from tubes, using air-powered turbines and drills. Examines vessels or heaters for leaks, and marks defective areas. Reassembles vessels and heaters, using chain falls, block and tackle, impact wrenches, and handtools. Lubricates valves and adjusts packing glands to prevent leaks. May keep records of repairs and test results.