Entertain crowds at rodeos and circuses with daring horse-back stunts.

What does an Equestrian do?

It’s entertaining to see someone do something daring. Audiences seem to love watching performers risk their lives, and they stand up and clap especially hard when the performers remain uninjured. An Equestrian is one of those daring performers, and if you’re an Equestrian, your forte is riding a horse.

People watch your Equestrian performances at fairs, circuses, rodeos, or horse shows. Traveling from show to show is second nature to you, and your family is accustomed to receiving postcards from all across the country. When you arrive at a show, it’s time to jump on your horse and practice your routine and tricks.

Sometimes, you stand on your horse’s back as it trots; other times, you stand on your hands on the saddle. Your horse may jump over very high obstacles with you at the reins, or you may run around obstacle courses at breakneck speeds.

The more daring your tricks are, the more excited the audience is. The horse you choose has a big impact on the kind of routine you perform. Choosing the right horse may take years, but when you find that magical horse, it becomes your best asset.

You groom the horse, feed it the right foods, and ensure that it has the proper vaccinations and medical care. Singing the horse to sleep at night may seem a bit over the top, but it helps you bond.

When performance time arrives, you strap on your sparkly costume and dress your horse in a similar manner. However, only you wear makeup, and your horse may be quite pleased about this. Tension and excitement rise, and you take center stage and perform your routine.