Equestrian Photographer

Capture the majesty and power of horses in an image.

What does an Equestrian Photographer do?

People who love horses love to have photographs of them. Equestrian Photographers specialize in capturing pictures of horses jumping, bucking, running, or simply posing with their owners.

When you’re an Equestrian Photographer, your patience and understanding of horses match your love of photography. After all, anyone can point and shoot a photo of a fruit bowl, but horses are on the move. So you consider lighting, adjust the lens to capture movement, and spend plenty of time waiting for the animal to cooperate.

Many people rely on your Equestrian Photographer skills to seize the special moment between owner and horse. But you have many other fans in your customer base, too. For example, you might be hired to take photos of a horse with the Horse Show Judge or a Jockey following a race or other competition. In addition, you might create images for calendars, stationery, or puzzles.

This job gives you the unique opportunity to combine your love of horses and your passion for framing the perfect shot. Whether you’re hired to take a horse camp photo or contribute to a print advertisement for a Veterinarian, you spend your days on the move. After all, most of your work doesn’t come to you. That offers you the flexibility to work from home or from an office.

In addition to actually taking the photos, you spend a significant amount of time editing and creating prints for customers.