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Equestrian Director

Coordinate horse-riding lessons in schools, resorts, or camps.

What does an Equestrian Director do?

Horses are majestic animals. Some people believe they hold the power to build confidence, give hope, and even heal the sick. Whether it be the mere feeling of sun-kissed skin or the gratification of caring for an animal, riders are often introduced to the joys of horseback riding through private lessons, summer camps, or vacation experiences. While Horse Riding Instructors and Camp Counselors coordinate much of these day-to-day adventures, the Equestrian Director oversees the entire program.

Your job as an Equestrian Director offers plenty of variety from one day to the next. You might work at a private school, a large equestrian facility, a resort, or a summer camp. Your customers could be anyone from a tourist to an Olympic hopeful in training. Your employees care for the animals in addition to guiding and teaching riders.

When you’re an Equestrian Director, one of your main responsibilities is to locate, hire, train, and supervise employees. You conduct meetings to inform everyone about company protocol. In addition, you make sure everyone knows how to respond in case of an emergency, and ensure the safety of the horses, the riders, and the employees.

Outside of your Manager duties, you oversee the care of the animals, handle budgetary issues, order and ensure maintenance of equipment, and approve schedules for lessons and overnight trail rides. In addition, you recruit customers and obtain new horses as needed.